Elevated Gent: Josh Boston
October 5, 2015

Josh Boston

Name: Josh Boston
Age: 33
Occupation: Designer
Location: Portland, Oregon
Notable Work:
1998 St. Louis Sophomore Chess Champion
Level 31 in Splatoon
2011 Super Bowl Coca-Cola Polar Bowl Interactive Experience
2014 Coca-Cola “Happy Cycle”
2015 Nike Young Athletes “So Fast” Instagram Animation Campaign

Season 2: 7/10
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Elevated Gent: Riley Dengler
September 28, 2015

Riley Dengler

Name: Riley Dengler
Age: 24
Occupation: Cinematographer / Editor at Shoot to Kill NYC
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Notable Work: Nike, Heineken, Beats by Dre, New Balance, GQ Magazine, Mountain Dew
Season 2: 6/10
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Elevated Gent: Randy Lucas
September 14, 2015

Randy Lucas

Name: Randy Lucas
Nickname: Randy The Cobbler
Age: 26
Occupation: Cobbler/ Shoemaker
Location: Tempe, AZ
Notable Work: Vintage Florsheim Restoration and Redesign, Alden and Redwing Footwear Customization, and of course Hybrids – Most recently the Moc Hybrid.
Season 2: 5/10
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Elevated Gent: Tim Swallow
August 11, 2015

Tim Swallow

Name: Tim Swallow
Nickname: Terry
Age: 32
Occupation: Director/Photographer
Location: Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia
Notable Work: American & Australian Vogue, Australian Harpers Bazar, Russh Magazine, C-Heads Magazine
Season 2: 3/10
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Elevated Gent: Austin McAllister
August 4, 2015

Austin McAllister

Name: Austin McAllister
Nickname: AMAC. Thus sparked the brand.
Age: 19
Occupation: Full time sneaker customizer as well as managing two other brands (A by Austin McAllister, and AMAC Footwear)
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Notable Work: My most recent work of art that caused a “stir,” so to speak, was my Yeezy 350 Roshe Run.
Season 2: 2/10
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Elevated Gent: Jason Siegel
July 27, 2015

Jason Siegel

Name: Jason Siegel
Age: 26
Occupation: Lifestyle photographer
Location: Denver Based
Notable Work: Hypebeast regular, Billboard recognized, lifestyle photographer.
Season 2: 1/10
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EG: Nico Escondido
May 29, 2015

Nico Escondido – High Times

Name: N/A
Nickname: Nico Escondido (pen name: in spanish = Hidden Nick)
Occupation: Cultivation Editor & Competition Director; HIGH TIMES Magazine & HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cups. Founder of the Cannabis Genetics Institute, Holland/ SF.
Age: 36
Location: New York, New York

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EG: Zanerobe
April 28, 2015

Leith Testoni & Jonathon Yeo – Zanerobe

Names: : Leith Testoni & Jonathon Yeo
Nicknames: : Keith (Autocorrect is a bitch) & Jono
Occupations: Director/Founders, ZANEROBE, Barney Cools, Subtype, Project A
Ages: 38 & 40
Location: Sydney, Australia, Downtown LA, NYC

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